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Customer Service

Have you considered outsourcing you cases to other dental lab? May be you have many experiences about this area. But no matter what had happened before, the CN Dental Laboratory is the best choice for you. CN Dental Laboratory is the professional supplier of the dental products and services to dental laboratories and dentists from all over the world. Whatever cases you would give us, CN Dental Laboratory would be your reliable partner in the future. If you choose us as your cooperator, we would help you handle all of the questions about communication and cases between laboratory and you. On the other hand, we will provide the high quality products for you with the great price.

The process of the outsourcing is fairly simple. First, we will email or fax you a shipping label and proper dental lab documentation. Secondly, you need to box up your cases and send directly to CN Dental Laboratory in China. Our minimum requirement for dental is 10 units which you could send to us direct. On the other hand, if your cases could not reach the amount of 10, we would give you other viable option for your outsourcing. You should just call our office to find out more information. Our staffs are very specialized in the outsourcing process since our company has established in 1990.

It is crucial to choose a professional and reliable dental lab when you want to outsource your cases. We would be your best cooperator in the future. The quality, consistency, communication and low prices of us are the key to successful experience. The advantages of us are the reason why most of the dentists and dental labs prefer to choose CN Dental Laboratory as their reliable partner for outsourcing.