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7 HDPE silicon core pipe extrusion line

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HDPE silicon core pipe extrusion line
Characteristics of HDPE silicon core pipe extrusion production line:
Silicon core pipe extrusion production line consists of three extruders, core layer is blending material of the silica gel and HDPE, the outer layer is HDPE, and the marking line extruder. The main extruder is high-efficient screw extruder, die is co-extruding spiral die head, using vacuum negative pressure calibration, haul-off motor using frequency speed adjustment, stable and reliable; the production line adopts programmable computer control, to realize all function modules, high precision of control. The whole line is reasonable, convenient to operate, high automation degree, can realize high-speed production. PE silicon core pipe (HDPE silicon core pipe) is a new type of composite pipe with silicon colloidal solid lubricant on the inner wall, referred to as the silicon tube. Through three sets of plastic extruder synchronous extruding compound, the main raw material is high density polyethylene; the core layer is solid lubricant of silica gel with lowest friction ratio. Widely used in optical cable communication network system. Performance characteristics of silicon core pipe 1, the inner wall of the silicon core layer is solid, permanent lubricant, friction inside the silicon core layer remains unchanged, the cable in the pipeline can be repeated extraction; 2, the inner wall of the silicon core layer was synchronous extruded into high density polyethylene pipe wall, uniformly distribution of the pipe wall, the inner wall of the silicon core layer and high density polyethylene have same physical and mechanical properties, it will not peel, detach, which will have same service life as silicone pipe; 3, the inner wall of the silicon core layer does not react with water, pipeline can be rinsed with water after the accident; 4, silicon core pipe has small radius of curvature (ten times as the diameter). When there is bending or gap during pipe installation, it varies with the terrain, without any treatment, cable casing is quickly, construction cost is low etc. And with colored extrusion logo, convenient for construction and line detection, it is the new optical cable sheath pipe after flat wall pipe, double wall corrugated pipe, multi-hole pipe. It is widely used in communication line project, highway, railway construction, which is the first choice of pipe for underground communication optical cable sheath.

Main technical parameter:

Extruder   model
SJ65/30   45/30
SJ75/30   45/30
SJ90/30   65/30
Pipe   spec. (mm)
Motor   power
Max.   output
200   kg/h


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