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  • Call us: +86-532-83981508
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27 Foam Board Production LinePE, PP foam board production line
Characteristics of PE, PP foam board production line:
PP foam products have the advantages of excellent heat resistance (the highest use temperature up to 130 ℃), good mechanical properties, significantly thermal insulation, good elasticity, and high impact energy absorption ability, resistance to chemical corrosion, good resistance to stress cracking performance, no poisonous gas released during burning, recyclable regeneration. PP foam materials can be widely used in various fields of packaging, insulation materials and automobile etc. Processing range: width 600-1500mm, thickness 2-6mm.

XPE (IXPE) material, smooth surface finishing, sealed foam hole, independent, uniform, non absorbent, unlimited length. It has advantages of environmental protection, flame retardant, insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, shock absorption, cushioning, rebound, warm keeping, heat insulation, weather resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, light weight, easy processing etc.. XPE (IXPE) as the inner core material, packaging, has been widely applied to automotive interiors, sports and leisure, tourism products, packaging, refrigeration, building, home decoration, decoration of public spaces, as well as shoes, bags, friction, forestry and fisheries, marine navigation industry, children’s toys, medical care and a variety of general merchandise industry Processing range: width 600-1700mm, thickness 3-15mm.


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