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3 PE PP gas pipe production line

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PE, PP gas pipe production line
Features of PE/PP gas/water supply pipe production line: Adopt computer control, screw adopts mixing element with barrier and mixing head, barrel using new slotting barrel, which has good plasticization and mixing effect, ensure the extrusion speed and high performance, special extruder to mark line equipped. PE large diameter thick wall pipe mould head, using the most advanced spiral or basket type die technology from the world, stable and reliable, the water film lubrication and water ring type cooling, in order to meet the requirements of PE material, ensure the uniformity of diameter and roundness of thick wall pipe under high-speed production, advanced thickness measurement system online, divided into four zones for precision measurement of pipe, and the LED is displayed on the screen, realizing the online monitoring of PE pipes through image and data directly. Specially designed multilevel vacuum and cooling device, high pressure cooling system, ensure the extrusion of large diameter and high pressure extrusion grade PE pipe. The haul-off machine is available with three claw, six claw type according to the pipe specifications, the European control system is stable and reliable in operation, cutting machine adopts planetary cutting, computer control, high degree of automation, long life of free maintenance. Based on years of design and production experience, our PE pipe extrusion line, pipe diameter ranged from 20 and 1200mm, is widely used in city gas pipe and water supply pipe. PE, PP water/gas supply pipe has excellent hardness and flexibility, heat resistance; ageing resistance, high mechanical strength, resistance to environmental stress, cracking resistance, creep resistance, thermal coupling etc.

Widely used in cold and hot water system, purified water system, the gas conveying pipe, wire and cable pipe and other fields, it has good market prospects and investment value. HDPE large diameter gas/water supply pipe production line is popular in the domestic and foreign market, at the same time our company can provide excellent equipment and satisfactory service for the user, with our perfect after-sale service system, and we provide worker training, technical formula, moreover we are also responsible for installation and regular return visit, the real implementation of turnkey projects.
Welcome friends to inquire PE, PP gas/water pipe production line.

PE, PP gas pipe production line ain technical parameter:

Model SJ65 SJ75 SJ90 SJ120 SJ150 SJ180
Model of extruder SJ65/32 SJ75 /32 SJ90/33 SJ120/33 SJ150/33 SJ180-33
Diameter (mm) 16-63 16-75 20-280 90-315 250-800 450-1600
Motor power 37-45kw 45-75kw 55-110kw 75-160kw 110-250 200-315
Max. extrusion   capacity 120kg/h 150 kg/h 300kg/h 400kg/h 600kg/h 1000kg/h


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