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  • Call us: +86-532-83981508
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17 Plastic Small Profile Extrusion Line 17.1 17.2 17.3

Plastic profile extrusion plant/PVC profile production line/profile production machine
Plastic profile extrusion plant adopts screw rotation pressurization method which can make molding material extruded from the barrel to die head continuously; then the melting material is shaped by molds, similar to the mould lip; lastly the molded product is drawn out of the mold by haul-off device constantly while cooling forming to obtain desired products. Meanwhile we also need to control the extrusion process which emphasizes on mixing, molding temperature, screw cooling and rotation speed, extrusion pressure, cooling forming and so on in order to obtain excellent appearance and internal quality profiles. The plastic profile production line is featured by branded PLC computer control, reasonable design, stable operation, vacuum calibration table with automatic length-setting cutting. Vacuum calibration adopts a specially increasing vortex cooling system to satisfy fast cooling and high-speed extrusion. Haul-off machine with unique lifting technology has properties of steady work, good reliability, strong pulling force. Cutting machine speed synchronized with the hauling-off speed for all the action.

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