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12 PVC Four-Pipe Production Line

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PVC Four-Pipe Production Line

Characteristics of PVC four-pipe production line: SJSZ65/132 conical double-screw extruder, one mold with four cavities, rapid cooling tank, four-pipe haul-off unit and cutting machine, the stacker, etc. Compared with other PVC pipe machines, PVC four-pipe production line is featured by high precision, high output, good plasticization, low energy consumption and high level of automation.

1. High extrusion output and low cost. The capacity of PVC twin-pipe (one pipe) production line only reaches up to 1.5-3.0 tons/day while PVC four-pipe extrusion line can produce 5 tons/day. Therefore it can reduce the costs greatly under the same conditions.

2. Low energy consumption: PVC four-pipe production line consumes 45kw/h and PVC twin-pipe production line is 30kw/h.

3. High level of automation: four-pipe cooling water tank, haul-off unit, cutting machine and the stacker can be independently controlled, which is easy to operate. And the finished pipe can be packed easily because four pipes turn to the same side on the stacker.

4. Mould: It is divided into three kinds of pipe thickness A, B and C.

“A” is the standard wall thickness, “B” is a bit thinner than “A”; “C” is thinnest of all three.

Importantly, the wall thickness is adjustable according to customers’ demands.

5. Small occupying area: PVC four-pipe production line occupies much less space than PVC twin-pipe production line under the same production condition of realizing same capacity.

Our company provides relevant four-pipe information such as specific formula, raw material suppliers and accounting costs. Meanwhile we also offer turn-key project service like installation and commissioning, staff training and technical support all the year around.


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