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4 PVC Large diameter pipe production line

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PVC Large diameter pipe production line
Characteristics of PVC large diameter pipe production line:
The extruder adopts conical double-screw extruder, due to the unique design of screw, the materials reside in the barrel for short time, and can be mixed evenly, good plasticizing effect; the use of high-quality gear distribution box, beautiful appearance, smooth running, low noise; barrel heating adopts ceramic heater and air cooling system, which have good heating and cooling effect with accurate temperature control; vacuum exhaust system can remove volatile gas and water from the material, improving quality of the product; the main motor adopts controllable DC speed or frequency converter, motor output torque is stable, and can realize stepless speed regulation. The machine is suitable for processing of powder PVC and heat sensitive materials. Vacuum calibration device: pipe vacuum spray tank, pipe spray cooling tank, all the parts contact with water adopt stainless steel material. Haul-off machine: two claw, four claw, six claw, claw pipe haul-off machine, in order to meet the production requirements of different pipe. Cutting machine: non-scrap blade cutter, sawing cutter and planetary sawing (chamfer) cutter. Stacking device: automatic turnover type or roller type stacking device. Electrical control system has multiple choice (such as: PLC automatic control system), the production is stable, control is simple and easy to operate.

PVC water supply pipe has good fluidity, corrosion resistance, low weight. Energy saving, water quality is good. Moreover using PVC core layer foamed non pressure pipe for indoor sewer and storm water systems, can solve the noise problem of indoor drainage pipe. Public works sewage pipe using non pressure PVC pipe, resistant to corrosion, erosion is not affected by H2S, long service life, light weight, low installation cost, easy connection and sealing, not easy to break. In addition, underground building and cable protecting pipe are other markets for PVC pipe,
According to the requirements of the user, equipped with special device to produce inner wall spiral pipe, inner wall hollow pipe and core layer foamed pipe. When replacing extruder, the line can produce PP, PE, ABS, PPR, PEX, silicon core pipe and other pipe.

Welcome friends to inquire PVC water/drainage pipe production line.

PVC Large diameter pipe production line Main technical parameter:

type pipe spec. (mm) Extruder Max. output (kg/h) Extruder power
PVC63 20-63 SJSZ51/105 120 22
PVC160 63-160 SJSZ65/132 240 37
PVC250 75-250 SJSZ65/132 240 37
PVC315 200-315 SJSZ80/156 350 75
PVC450 200-450 SJSZ80/156 500 75
PVC630 315-630 SJSZ92/188 750 110
PVC800 400-800 SJP130/26 100-1300 160

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